Embrace Freedom of Expression with Our “We Left Church Not God” Shirt!

We left church not god shirt
We left church not god shirt

Embrace Freedom of Expression with Our “We Left Church Not God” Shirt!

Express your personal beliefs and celebrate freedom of thought with our exclusive “We Left Church Not God” shirt! Perfect for individuals who value autonomy and independence in their spiritual journey, this shirt sends a powerful message while making a bold fashion statement.

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  1. Empowering Message: Showcase your belief in personal autonomy and freedom of thought with our thought-provoking shirt.
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Celebrate freedom of thought and express yourself with our “We Left Church Not God” shirt!

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Mark Simpson reflects on the decision to leave the Church of England.

Join the Anglican Convocation in Europe (ACE) as Bishop Andy Lines inaugurates Wellfield Church in Leyland, Lancashire, on October 1, 2023.

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In the past, when questioned about remaining in the CofE despite having little involvement and disagreeing with its direction, Simpson would offer a typical evangelical response: the CofE provides a platform for spreading the Gospel, despite the presence of revisionist views. He appreciated the sound doctrine outlined in the Book of Common Prayer and Articles, even if some leaders didn’t adhere to or teach it.

While he still holds this belief, Simpson acknowledges the convenience of maintaining this stance without instigating change. However, February 2023 marked a turning point in his perspective.

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