How to Transfer Money to another Trading Account on Exness

how to transfer money from one exness trading account to another gwkx6y

Limits on internal transfers.

  • Senders must have their accounts verified with Proof of Identity before sending internal transfers.
  • The most that can be transferred within an organization is $2,000 if the recipient does not have a verified account.
  • Internal transfers between countries are not possible if there is no partner-client relationship between the accounts; this is due to the requirement that the sender and receiver have a partner-client relationship in order to make an internal transfer to an account registered from a different country.
  • You must use the same payment method that you used to deposit money into your account in order to withdraw funds that have been transferred.
  • Here is an illustration:

    You deposit money using one payment service, but later try to transfer money to another account using a different payment service that isn’t supported there (usually because it’s not available). In this situation, the request for an internal transfer will be denied with the necessary justification.

  • Transfers to newly created trading accounts must be at least as much as the required minimum initial deposit for that account type; for example, transfers to new Pro accounts must be at least as much as USD 200.
  • Internal transfers to accounts in a Personal Area other than your own are not allowed for some payment methods, including some electronic payment services (EPS), bank cards, and Bitcoin.
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    Transfers within a company to different clients.

    It is impossible to undo internal transfers. Due to the fact that Exness cannot be held responsible for input errors made when making internal transfers, it is your responsibility to make sure the number of the account you are transferring money to is accurate.
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    You can manually verify the trading account number of the recipient or compare their email address to the trading account number (this is optional but recommended). You will see a notification and your request won’t be carried out if the email address and trading account number do not match.

    Internal transfers in your Exness Personal Area.

  • Select Transfer funds from your Personal Area’s menu after selecting any trading account’s cog icon.
  • Select the accounts you want to make the internal transfer from and to under the Between your accounts tab, as well as the transfer amount, and then click Transfer dot.
  • Depending on the security type you selected, a summary of the transaction will be displayed along with a verification code via SMS or email. To confirm the withdrawal, enter the verification code and click.
  • The transfer is now finished.
  • How to withdraw money from Exness after receiving an internal transfer.

    Here is an illustration:

    You use WebMoney to make a deposit into Account A, one of your accounts. Then, you transfer money to Account B internally. You must withdraw money from Account B using WebMoney, the same payment method you used to top up Account A.

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