15+ Sweet First Day of School Captions for New Beginnings

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It’s that time of year again: time for back-to-school pictures! Make your first day of school photos stand out with the perfect caption. For your preschooler on their first day of school, to the last first day of school for your senior, you can find the ideal caption to capture your sentiments.

First Day of School Captions From Parents to Kids

The first day of school can be both a blessing and an emotional day for parents. Getting kids back into their school routine and enjoying the silence is remarkable. But you really start to miss them. Enjoy the first day of school vibes by using these captions with your picture posts.

First Day of School Caption From Parents to Kids
  • From holding my hand to stepping into the classroom. Oh, how time flies.
  • The first day of school is bittersweet. Bitter because our summer together is over, but the silence is sweet.
  • Today is the first day of the rest of your school year. Fly high!
  • Watching them walk away that first day always hits you right in the feels.
  • The smiles are bright on the first day. But the adventures you hear about after school are even brighter.
  • Knowledge is power, and today is the first step in gaining the power to achieve your dreams.
  • As I watch you walk away, know I’ll be waiting for you here when your school day is done.

Back to School Sayings for Instagram

Back to School Saying for Instagram
  • Back to school has begun with this first pic.
  • New shirt, new shoes, and a new attitude for the first day of school.
  • This little cutie is going to rock school.
  • Nothing is sweeter than a first day of school pic.
  • So proud of this little one right here. First day of a new year.
  • Nothing beats watching your little one skip off to school on the first day.
  • Keepin’ it fresh this year with a new first day of school look.
  • It seems like summer will last forever, but you blink, and they are back to school.
  • Off to make new friends and memories this year.
  • One minute you’re holding them in your arms, and a short second later, they let your hand go and walk into class.

Cute and Funny Captions for the First Day of School

Your kid’s first day picture turned out so cute. Make your followers on Instagram laugh with the perfect post.

Cute and Funny Caption for First Day of School
  • Saved by the bell. The school bell!
  • I forgot what quiet sounded like.
  • The first day of school pic… you can guarantee they won’t come home looking this way.
  • Now begins Mamastay. Mama stay in bed.
  • So, it begins again. Lunches, backpacks, carpools, oh my.
  • First-day hair, don’t care.
  • It’s funny how they jump up for that first day of school, but then the snooze button becomes their bestie.
  • All I want to do is think about the pool, but I guess it’s back to school.
  • Saying goodbye to summer vacation in style. Now it’s back to school.
  • While fall might be giving summer the boot, at least I’m going back to school looking cute.

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